Tuesday, February 06, 2007


Yes, tatay na po sila. From left to right are Louis and Baby Toni, Amats and Baby Isay, Rodney and little girl Hannah. This was taken by Nina during our playdate last Sunday afternoon at UP at the back of Quezon Hall. No need to explain the close resemblance of the girls to their tatays. "Tatay Karga" one of the reasons for that well defined biceps to Rodney. Isang sakong bigas na daw si Hannah now 3 years old. Last time I saw her was at a Lakay cookout of batch 16 without those long locks yet. Toni is one year and 2 months old, she was wearing this nice squeeky shoes. She enjoyed walking around without anyone holding her in a happy feet kind of way. Isay is 7 months old. She doesn't know how to walk yet and kept kicking her shoes away. This shot is a rare gatheirng of Lakay fathers proud to be holding there baby girls.

We've been planning for the longest time to get together and finally this one pushed through-- a playdate with the babies. We've been spending the Sunday afternoons enjoying bonding time with friends and family. When Nina and I had a chance to catch up, we talked about how we all want to bring our kids to the enjoy the outdoors and climb mountains in the future. What best way to start introducing them to the outdoors, than to regularly play with them in place where there are green grass, lots of trees, open space to run around, tumble on the ground and sometimes just lay there staring at the clouds. We decided to make this a picnic-playdate a regular Sunday afternoon for all of our families. Rolyn, Hannah's mom kept saying lets to this again, lets do this again. She was a bit late to arrive. Thus she is not here in this photo of the Nanay's and the babies. Another wonderful thing that happened is that we saw the Zabala family and invited them to join us for the rest of the afternoon.

Buddy here is the biggest baby of them all with his mom who just arrived from Zamboanga that afternoon. Sobra ngiti namin lahat when we realized this.

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