Tuesday, January 30, 2007

What is your heartsong?

A week or two ago, I watched Happy Feet. Well actually, two of us did. Isay and I, until she fell asleep. I love the film. Love Mumble Happy Feet. I love to listen to good music and this one is really fun to watch. It is about loving our home and about the environment. Happy Feet is about finding your heart song, but it is also about the way we treat our environment, human encroachment, alien abduction and more. I never thought of myself as an alien but you know what I mean when you see it.

One very interesting concept in it is about the "heartsong". In the movie it is said that each penguin have a heartsong. I believe that each one of us have this "song" in our hearts. We just express it in many different ways. I can really really relate to Mumble. I wasn't born with a good voice and cannot really sing that well. Terror music teachers come to mind as I watch the un-encouraging way Mumble was being taught.

I particularly remember an incident when a friend of mine and I was pulled aside to "practice on our own not with the group" that part in the carol that we were supposed to sing. After that incident, my friend did not join the group anymore. She didn't say anything, just didn't join anymore, sad. But I was kapalmuks and what the heck I persisted despite my sore throat hahaha to the eternal dismay of some ahahaha.

Worth mentioning is Mumble's Mom who was really supportive of her fledgling. Now that I am a Nanay, I can relate more to her. Encouraging despite the stark difference of her little one.

Anyway, back to heartsong. Penguins have a heart song. This helps them find a mate (if it was only that easy), keep warm in the dark cold winter ( I wonder how the song keeps them warm), and express their individuality. Sadly, Mumble is born without a heart song. But he can dance-- a mean combination of tiptaptiptaptap.

I love this idea of having a heartsong. It also shows that there are talents other than singing. We are blessed with other gifts that some may not appreciate. But eventually, when we stay true to ourselves, pursue our dreams and persevere, we will have that heartsong moment.

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