Saturday, January 27, 2007

Hala Bira! Puera pasma

Last week was the celebration of the Ati Atihan. This is one of the Philippine festivals that I really want to participate in and take lots of pictures. This still remains a dream. It was the feast day of the Sto.Nino last Sunday.

In the papers I saw the colorful costumes and again wished I was there to take pictures. Anyway, I just went to look up where the tradition began. Now I know that Datu Puti is not just a brand of suka or toyo (hehehe) he had a particular participation to this famous tradition in Panay Island.

While we were enjoying the carless oval in UP. I was chanting "hala bira! puera pasma!" while I carry Isay lifting her up as we pretend to join the Sinulog in spirit.

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