Monday, January 08, 2007

2006 milestones

There are many things that highlight 2006. Many blessings to be thankful for. It is indeed a full year. Many first as new parents. When I look back to the past year, I cannot even know where to start as this whole year seem to stand out. I learned a lot and experienced new things. I faced my fears and overcame challenges both physical and emotional. No event to small that creates an indelible impact in my life. Each experience is a milestone in itself. Let me share to you some of the most unforgetable moments of 2006.

1) Giving birth. The miracle of life and to be able to be an active part of it. This is one of my personal fears and yet it is one of the best experience I ever had. A real first in one of my life changing events. Nothing compares to the joy of seeing our newborn. The physical challenges and pains are nothing in comparison to the happiness that this little person brings to our life. Now I think I know why they call them bundles of joy.

2) Pregnancy. Hormones played an active part to the up and downs for most part of the year. It was my first time to fly to 3 different countries during different stages of my pregnancy. Australia during my first trimester (even got to snorkel in GBR), then Singapore and Bali, Indonesia on my 6th month. In my Bali trip, first time I got really delayed and had to stop over another country.

3) Defending my thesis on my 7th month. Unforgetable indeed as I was writing my Special Problem for my Post Grad studies during 2006. It was a happy memory presenting and defending my paper while 7th months pregnant at UP Los Banos.

4) Earning my Masters in Environment and Natural Resource Management. Wearing the UP Sablay. It was so much more of an achivement compared to my undergrad because I had to pay for my own studies, overcome challenges to balance work, school and family. Most of all, earning this degree using the distance learning mode. It was a different level of satisfaction for me to be able to truly learn something that I am passionate about.

5) Being new parents. I can write every single day of the many things I discover and learn because of Isay. It is both humbling and gratifying. Our lives have taken a new direction when we became parents. The reality is sometimes scary and yet hopeful for the future. One of our greatest challenges indeed and yet the greatest source of our joy.

There are many more moments. We thank for each experiece. Our cup overflows.

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