Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Yul Kwon

I am pleasantly surprised that Yul won as the sole survivor. I really like Yul and have been rooting for him to win. I thought that Ozzy would win the votes of the Jury because he is equally deserving. I was a bit sad that he did not. He is an epitome of a true jungle boy. It just shows how Yul was able to play this game to outwit, outplay and outlast without that bad after taste like the past seasons.

I am really really happy that the Aitu four became the final four. Yehey! I voted for Sundra as my favorite survivor early on the season. It was really funny with the fire making thing but I still like her. I love the way she answered Jenna Morasca today. True, it is a game and that Survivor is not real life but what the cast did in the show will affect them in their real life after. One thing that Becky should be proud of is that she had the option to get the idol but she did not. What would happen to Yul if she did?

This brings me to Candice, I think she is the one who lost the most in this. Jonathan made this season truly a fantastic season to watch. The way he played at the auction, we enjoyed it and had a good laugh. Despite him being called many "fantastic" names at the finale he said to his kids "we don't do that". and indeed in the show he played a rational game that in hindsight made this season really great to watch.

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