Friday, November 24, 2006

Father of MPAs

Yesterday I had the opportunity to talk, listen and be with Dr. Angel Alcala. He is the father of MPA or marine protected areas. His pioneering work in Apo Island has inspired the work of the recent decade in using the the MPA as a tool for fisheries, biodiversity and protection to the marine environment.

It was a happy bunch of people at the UP Marine Science Institute where there was a gathering of marine resource scientist, practitioners, NGO workers, LGU representatives and conservationist. Since the event was for only two days including today, presentations were timed and the open forum limited. But always Dr. Alcala will always be allowed to comment and share his view(of course). He has this funny way of challenging ideas. It was heart warming to see the kind of respect this special group of people give to our Lolo. Like a true professor he would ask you questions that would make you re-think the presentation you just made. His light and gentle manner in the discussion showed his deep knowledge of the topic at hand. This kind of opportunity is rare.

I just want to share that I was inspired once again in the things that I do right now.

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