Friday, October 06, 2006

Storms in our lives

Wow the past week was a roller coaster of events moving in the universe. There was typhoon Milenyo that humbled metro manila residents and got the people to seriously think of getting those billboards down. We were actually expecting Neneng the back to back storm of Milenyo but there is greater power in the universe amazingly if you look into the path of the storm it was a direct hit again but Neneng turned towards the direction of Japan in a most unusual storm path I saw.

I remembered a time when we were out in the open sea on Minerva (the research vessel of WWF Phil for Tubbataha) we were caught in the storm and we were with Dr. T. I will not mention the name but he is a known seagrass expert in the field he is actually already a great grand father (you can imagine his age) well, most of us is not worried but we realized na praning na pala kasama namin as he had his snorkel and mask beside him while he slept in one of the bunk beds. It was really funny at that time. Funny but serious Kung meron ba nun.

This was one of those times that the passage came to me when Jesus and the apostles were in a storm out at sea and Jesus said "Be, still".

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