Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Whoopsie doo my blog turns 2

In a few minutes my blog will be exactly two years old. It was Sept 21st 2004 when I started er discovered the joys and woes of blogging. It has been a great 2 years but still in my toddler years as a writer. I hope someday when I get to practice more I will be a better writer for there is no other lesson how to learn to write but just write and write like what Judith Juntilla says to me when I told her I want to be a good writer. And of course to learn good writing is to read good writers thats why I have my blog roll of friends(wink!)

Last year to celebrate I had this mini-contest of sort with 3 participants who all won prizes (yehey!) but this year I don't know how to celebrate. Well lets celebrate for a week or two until the month ends. You can email me your suggestions :O)

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