Monday, May 01, 2006

rooted where?

The past week was a bit full and I have experienced lots of emotional ups and downs due to many things. I was surprised that small petty things that before did not disturb me before now seems a bigger issue than I used to perceive them.

I thank God for a loving husband who understands what I am I going through. When I said sorry again for one of my guilt trips of the unloving behavior I did, Amats would say it might be your hormones acting up again.

It is difficult, being a regular woman and the monthly PMS period thing, the mood swings and all. But now during pregnancy, because of the many changes that my body is going through right now, I could hardly get a reign of these hormones. Well I believe that I am still human. But I am thankful for this experience. I think this is one of my advanced test in "patience". I am receiving the best lesson in patience specially for these nine months. But I am thankful nonetheless and will not trade this lesson. Although I feel weak many times, tired by the demands of work and daily routine.

Then in one of those weak moments--Amats reminded me: if what you do is not rooted in God, if you only rely on your own strength, then it will be difficult. Indeed.

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