Monday, May 01, 2006

forms of writing

Last 3 days was a bit intense for me. I just discovered there is a window for a grant that was due April 30. I needed to come up with a proposal in 3 days time to meet that deadline that was yesterday. This particular opportunity I cannot pass by because we badly need additional funds this year for the project and this opportunity came at a time that we needed it.

Another deadline was Saturday April 29th, I need to finish my draft SP for final comments of my adviser and the ENRM 290 coordinator. I need to send them these copies last Saturday for them to at least have some time to comment on these as May 1st is a holiday from regular work my adviser hopefully will have time and the coordinator too. I need their final comments before I submit the final hard bound copies due May 8th at UPOU.

I was able to finish the draft SP last Saturday and finish the proposal that was due Sunday. I truly thank God for giving me enough energy to accomplish these task. I do not know where all these came from but I knew that the Divine helped me accomplish all that I needed to do.

When I felt weak I rested and when I had the energy I continued on. The summer heat is still unrelenting, pounding on our walls and literally burning our place converting our little hole into an oven. But despite all these challenges and then some on the side which I cannot publish here ( to preserve relationships hehehe) God was really generous by providing me with the strength just to keep on.

I cant believe there is enough energy left for writing in this blog. I guess there are many forms of writing and bloggin helps me come to terms with the things at hand. And to appreciate what I am truly blessed with.

I am again reaffirmed that in my weakness He is my strength.

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