Thursday, March 30, 2006


SP is for special problem. No I am not having another anxiety attack. I am actually been writing my SP for my ENRM 290 -- this is the equivalent of a "thesis" and been draining my soul and energy the past days. I hope baby still has some left because when I finished last night's revision on Chapter 4 of results and discussion, I realized my feet were swollen and I am bit shaking from cerebral exhaustion.

This SP is the last requirement for me to finally graduate from Open U. I have a mock presentation at my adviser's office at DOST in Taguig on April3 then the actual presention of the SP at UPOU HQ in UPLB on April 8th. I guess i have to ask my OB again for this but it is now or never I guess--when baby arrives goodbye all school work. Why do we do the things we do?

On top of this the heat is giving me a sauna session every day (which I think is not really good for baby).

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