Tuesday, February 14, 2006

"Thank God for you"

"I thank God for you"... everyday since we got married this is the short affirmation I say to my husband in the evening before sleeping and when I wake up in the mornings. An affirmation and prayer in one said everyday. Let me say it here to honor you my beloved "I thank God for you Amats".


We do not really observe valentine's day and I was thinking of my blog entry of our non-observance of this day remembering our couple friends who make it a point not to date on this day. And after getting married I do not really expect anything special to happen. But after waking up this morning to a table of flowers and heart shaped donuts in pinks and reds I was really happy to be on the receiving end ( now thinking about it I do appreciate this things however cheesy! hehehe). Receiving the unexpected is experiencing His grace.


Amats said...

(awww.. ;) it is only the least i can do my dearest in thanking our God for you too. we can only do so much to love and live each day at a time. i can only thank God for the grace that He blesses us for this love that He has showered on us.
for all the rest here, we thank you for being part of Day and mine's life and for your love and prayers.

Anonymous said...

YOU BOTH made me cry with this --- sweet and sincere affirmations of love, as in! :) like what I have always told you before, I am so blessed to have known you! :) mwah! :)