Friday, February 10, 2006

Team Diesel

One of my last major climb (major climbs being multi-day climbs at least 3 days walk up the mountains at a certain elevation) I remember leading a team. There were 3 of us and the two team mates Xiel and Richelle are both newbies but strong and determined. Team Diesel that is what we call ourselves because we realized, we were really slow at starting up, always starting cold, walking at the slowest pace among the other teams... but eventually our winds will find us and will be walking with ease and catch up with the others. The joy of every climb is not just reaching the summit, it's each step taken, each breath, the trek, the journey and the revelations that the mountain has for the one who takes time to look and smell the pine trees.

I am writing this piece to acknowledge how really slow I am at the start of things, the year itself. This year, although is the second month already just seems to be beginning. No resolutions. I guess I never ever did stick to any if ever i thought of doing things differently. One of my favorite writers Robert Fulghum writes about thinking of all the good things done last year, put it in a list and label it as his last years resolutions. I think we have the same wavelength for I agree on that one indeed.

Slowly the year is just beginning--- as always I am full of hope that things will get better for each passing year. Looking back, it has really been great specially the past year.

Recently I posted here the year of the dog pics to remind me that "Hey! it is New Year already!" it is also fun to celebrate with our Chinese bros and sis they always look forward to prosperity and all that Chinese jazz.

Slowly cleaning my drawers, uncluttering our house and inner thoughts, finding my bearing, hoping for the best, nothing written on paper, prayers in my heart, breathing the air, walking at ease, knowing that He is leading the way is enough for me.

I believe it will be a good year.

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