Sunday, February 19, 2006

My compass

Today is a bit frantic, for I will be leaving for Singapore at 2PM today then later onwards to Bali, Indonesia. My head is aching and I am worried with the condition of our baby in my tummy but am reassured by two doctors who gave me the "go" signal for this business trip to Bali of 10 days. I'll be on the road for a while again.

Thank God that Amats and I were able to hear mass at Claret early today 7:45 rather than our usual 11AM. I just felt a bit more grounded. "Clinging on my compass" so to speak for the many directions that life and work is bringing me, I still hope and rely only on His grace to pull me through and give me direction.

Again my favorite author Fulghum comes to mind about clocks and compass. Like him I'd rather wear a compass than a watch on my wrist. Time is relative it passes by so quickly, countries have different time and people have different idea of time. But a compass gives you direction--but you need to have a bearing. I pray that God remain my true north. That He may always stir me towards the direction He wants me to take.

I consider this trip as a gift because I've always wanted to see Bali and experience the unique Balinese culture. Like my friend Mayang during her pregnancy she was still able to visit Europe for a vacation. I thank God for this blessing and opportunity.

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