Friday, February 10, 2006


Last weekend, we spent some time with close friends Melo and Jas. Since Melo needs to prepare for a talk the coming week he needs to go to LST in Ateneo to get some material. We tagged along Amats and I, spending a warm afternoon with friends. The JesCom shop was closed and I just kept looking at the all the nice readings and wonderful CDs-- silently inside I've been wanting a Lauds album but never had one.

Something good came up, we met Alan and told us as there was a talk and that the Lauds Seven album will be launched that afternoon. The shop was closed because there was a set up downstairs for the launch. Since I came in my slippers with no money Amats and I decided we cannot afford to buy the album.

All the while on the side Jas bought CDs and tapes. Later in the car, she gave a copy of the Lauds Seven CD as a gift to us. "Awww...thanks" was my reaction, as I did not really expect it. I was really happy and felt that God blessed this small unspoken wish. Now as I write and listen to the CD, I felt His warm reassuring embrace that I am His daughter.


silayan said...

dear daisy,
am encouraged and inspired by your faith! 2005 was began as an exciting year but tragically ended in despair, which now has major implications for our 2006. hard for me to look forward to anything and am already anxiously waiting for 2007! but you graceful words give me pause and cause to consider otherwise. keep on keeping on ya?
labs en ingats, aimee

Daisy said...

Hi Aimee,

I am uplifted as well with all your emails Aims thanks for sharing your thoughts with me, us and the super friends :O) you inspire me as well, with everything you had to go through these past year(s).