Saturday, January 21, 2006

Dinner with Mayang

It has been years since I spent some time with my really good friend Mayang. Since she migrated to the States in '99. She went home a couple of years ago with Isabella and this year we got to meet the latest addition to the family Dylan.

Thanks Dylan for all the gifts. Mayang said that being a parent to a child is one of the most selfless thing a person can do.

Mayang is one of my most cherished friends. We climbed mountains together, trained together as we are batchmates in a school mountaineering club before in the mid-90's. Even though now that our home are literally oceans apart and family and work has kept us busy, we kept in touch. It doesn't matter that there were time of long absence of emails and letters but when we get together, it feels as if it was just yesterday that we were spending an afternoon sharing tea and updating each other of our latest adventures.

Good friends are really for keeps, no matter where they are.

“Thank you, Lord, for the friends you have given to me. Help me to cultivate these relationships, and to set you as their foundation. May we all discover your presence and your blessings through one another.” from Word Among Us


dada said...

hay day!! thanks for posting the pics. i wish i was there, to complete our lakay girlfriends photo. mayang called me to say she's sending more pics.

i was just thinking of you, write me an email and tell me how things are going with that special someone in your tummy.

i'm doing great, and will be graduating soon.

love, dada

Daisy said...

Hi Dada,

thanks for keeping in touch! Sayang nga wala ka sa photo ops. next time pag kami naman ng visit sa US there 3 of use can complete our Lakay sisters photo ops. Or maybe in Portugal in a couple of years when you graduate from Yale!

been a bit busy these days kaya wala pa yung long email na you might be expecting.

warm hugs from Phils.