Monday, December 12, 2005


This time of the year is when you'll would find almost everywhere in the city here in the Philippines the"tiangge" or flea market (I have to do my research on why they call it flea market). This is the place where you can buy all sorts of food stuff from cake, candies and other local delicacies, there are toys, clothes, gift items, bags, shoes and anything. It is amazing though that the products mostly are sold for just $2.00 US about a hundred Ph Pesos. It sounds like a garage sale but the items like the toys and small gift items are new, while the food stuffs are really good most of them home made for those people wanting to earn extra this season.

Yesterday was a first for me because I helped a friend sell her wares at the Claret Bazaar aka a local tiangge. Since the venue was just about a couple of blocks away from our apartment, I couldn't refuse not to pass by. Eventually I stayed on to help her sell her cakes, pastries and spreads. Also with us her 9 year old daugther Isabel. I enjoyed myself spending the day with them. I was also reminded how difficult it is to earn money. I saw that it was the best way for Ina to teach Isabel the value of work and money and be responsible for the blessings and resources that we are blessed with.

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