Sunday, November 27, 2005

On to our Second Season of Love

Today is our first wedding anniversary! Yey!
And yes! what a great first season of love it was. We are on our way to our second year and growing strong.

We feel really blessed to be able to celebrate this day with the blessing of each other. We thank God indeed for the many journey's we've traveled together. During the past year there were some valleys we traversed but it was well worth it for the mountain top experience of being hand in hand travelling with each other was more rewarding because we have each other.

Remembering the past year, it reminded me of the small trees we gave out as souvenirs to our dear family and friends who celebrated with us ( we gave out 3 kinds of seedlings juniper tree, tea plant and peperonia seedling--all about 2 to 3 inches tall each in a small pot). I was wondering want happened to those plants.

The other day, while visiting my father's house in San Francisco Del Monte in Santiago, I was happily surprised that the peperonia tree that they planted a year ago is now a small tree and there are two of them there. It was about more than a foot tall thriving in the small garden. To say that I was excited to see that small tree again is an understatement. I was really happy to hear my father and my sister showing us the small tree-plant ( I will try to post a picture of the plant before and after in my future postings to celebrate a year of blessings).

Friends, if your trees are healthy and growing do send us a picture if you can to celebrate with us.

Just a side story, a few days ago while Amats was in Tagaytay for work, I found an old book but actually it was new. And guess what? It was a wedding gift, a book we haven't read yet after all these months. I was glad to find this treasure of "Chicken Soup for the Couple's Soul" a gift from Ian. The book is a compilation of stories on love and intimacy, finding true love, commitment, understanding each other, overcoming obstacles, about family and (of course) eternal love.

Ang galeng talaga ni God! Such great timing! Showing that He is a Father to us, celebrating these small moments of miracles with us, bringing overflowing blessings this season of love.


Marlon said...

congrats mga kapatid!

Anonymous said...

happy anniv sis!! :) love you both! mwah! :)

dada said...

daisy and amats!! many congratulations. i feel priveleged to have witnessed your love.

okay send some love my way now and write me an email!!

love, dada