Saturday, October 01, 2005

The Winners

congratulations to:

Honey Oliveros

Pie Maraya
Amats Salgado

Thank you to all those who joined the contest. Since there are only three entries ALL are winners!!! hehehe. I will send you your prizes by next week.

Please let me know if I can post some portions of your entries. Thanks for joining. It was a great year sharing with you all.


Honey Oliveros said...

Yahoo! Thanks, dear may post my "entry" (chuva...) We shared the very nice prize with the kids over lunch - first time they had REAL chocolate (as in hindi adulterated with milk at hindi din chocnut). Nakakatawa/tuwa reactions nila. hehe... Good to have you back; love you...mwah!!!

Anonymous said...

hi day!!! :) sis, thank you. it was a "rushly" written thing but it came from the heart .. hehehe ... oks din if u post it. :) i do want to see you asap but we're in the thick of preps for our budget hearing in Congress. however, if it isnt asking too much, please share with HeCares kids whatever my prize is ... (esp. if tulad ng prize ni honey). i will email u soon when we can meet (possibly for early dinner). :)

Daisy said...

Hi Honey,

Thanks for joining. I can imagine the reaction of the kids--because Lindt is pure 70% I thought that since you shared about your travel to France, it would be fitting to give you something made from there. btw, Ditsi wants to talk to you about He Cares. love you sis!

Hi Pie,

Thanks for sharing. Your prize is different from Honey's and I hope to see you soon. I will be around UP so just text me if you are available.
Ok see you soon!