Friday, August 05, 2005

on defining ourselves

I was watching an old movie last night I would decline to mention the title for now. What struck me was this line: "What defines us as a person is not who were are, we are defined by our choices."

I was wondering if this is coincidence again because the other day, I was working on my virtual class room for my online class ENRM 241. Our new teacher just recently introduced herself online. I was happy to know that she will be our online instructor for the rest of the semester, I met her before in a NOAA workshop last March that is why I know her.

One of the things the student has to do which my classmates before me already did was to introduce themselves. I've been delaying this particular part because sometimes it is difficult for me to introduce myself. Anyway, to acknowledge my appreciation to our new instructor on-line I typed away and introduced myself. The usual always happen I mention my name which organization I am working with etc. the usual lot. At the back of my mind, I was thinking, does these define me as a person? Actually, I want to write what I love to do, my favorite food, that I am married to a wonderful person, but then again the discussion board at IVLE is a bit formal so I do what the Romans do.

That being said, that is why I was struck by that line in that old movie. Indeed it is true, it is not the things that we actually are that defines us but it is our choices that set us apart--that defines us.


the martian said...

hi day:

interesting insights :) i've read a related, albeit quite different statement from one of my favorite science fiction author, kim stanley robinson. something like: our past is not a fixed thing. we constantly redefine its value and meaning based on what we experience in the here and now. so, yes, in a way our choices may define who we are. but i also believe we should never let such choices dictate who we want to be. just a thought :) btw, the idea is supposedly from jean-paul sartre. peace.

Christopher said...

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Daisy said...

Hi Randee

Thanks for visiting my blog. Very interesting insights and yes I agree with you--ang galeng ng mga binabasa mo. Indeed the infinite potential of who can become, who we want to be depends still on our own beliefs still it is our choice if we let the past choices affect our future :O)

Napapaisip talaga ako pag may mga nasusulat ka kapatid! sige see you.