Tuesday, August 23, 2005

In the South Pacific

Today is our second day here at Suva, Fiji. I am writing this here at the office of Alifereti Tawake I borrowed his computer now during our lunch break. We had a great two days here at the University of South Pacific. Yesterday, I was very sleepy having travelled since Saturday evening from Manila then to Sydney where we waited for 7 hours for our connecting flight to Nadi. We arrived around 8 in the evening Sunday August 21. Iswha and Aquila picked all the 6 of us (4 from Phil, 2 from Indonesia) from Nadi airport--it was another 4 hours drive down to Suva. We arrived last Sunday almost midnight at the Peninsula where we are staying. I was really tired and I could smell myself hahaha haven't slept well on the plane on the way. I felt like a Zombie

Work is good and a lot of learning from our biological monitoring is coming up. I am happy to share a room with Jovy. Estong and Mel stayed together. Yesterday evening I got to drink my first bowl of Kava.

Tomorrow we will be visiting a village at Navakavu near Nausori. It is great to be back in the South Pacific.

PS. Amats sorry the roaming doesn't work here in Suva. I guess it only works at Sydney and hopefully in Auckland on my way back.

more stories later!

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