Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Honey's house of party

To eat, drink and sing with friends at Honey's house last Sunday evening was one really one real celebration. It was time really well spent with old and new friends. Friends from He Cares Kuya Joe Dean and Ate Ardis (He Cares was featured in Rated K that evening along with Papemelroti), the brother's household in Montalban Mike, Norman, Ian, Reggie, friends from Lingkod Johanna and Jaz, good friend and batchmate from Lakay Jeryc, and of course Lex because he was youngest in the lot cannot relate to some of the songs being sun by the gen x kids. The anak-anakan of Honey Jeryc was there singing his heart out playing the guitar with AG on percussion, "Robert" on bass guitar, Gary and Boging alternating on the lead guitar, Snappy dancing and Bro. Daniel drinking wine on the side. Honey and Jeryc belting on U2, Spandau and all those 80's hits. Amats and I on the tamborines hehe remembering my carolling days. :O) Have a great year ahead Honey! God bless!

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Honey Oliveros said...

Thanks my beloved Day and Amats - was so happy to celebrate my birthday with you! (and all the other crazy people I happen to call my friends) I'm truly blessed to have all of you in my's to more parties to come! :-) Love you!