Saturday, July 30, 2005

Joy in serving Him

It has been almost a week since my last entry. I had not noticed this till I visited my blog again today. I guess there have been some concerns at work that I needed to sort out. Well, it's a Saturday evening and just came from UP this afternoon from French class and a long afternoon walk with Amats.

Looking back this past whole week--it has been a bit crazy. I think I cannot blog about some of the things that happened this past week as you have probably observed. It just goes to show that a blog cannot contain just to begin describing how it is being human or the days in a life of a human being. Only snippets and some random thoughts.

Last Tuesday, we got an invitation to a LSS at He Cares by Judith, despite the many many things that needs my attention--how can I refuse my help to God who is calling me to serve Him for just one night? My mind and my body is weary in many ways than one could describe, a different kind of being in the bottom or something like that. When Amats told me about it, I just said Yes. No thinking, just ruminating that the Center must be needing a hand and God wants us to be there --so I thought do not ask, just go.

Last Wednesday night, the minute we arrived there, the mommys and kids at He Cares, the warm greetings, Kuya Joe Dean there, AG, Honey, Joy, Judith, Nora, the minute I started singing His praises my weariness disolved instantly. Ennervated!

Indeed it is such a joy to serve Him. Despite the many things that weakens my spirit that leaves me restless, with Him, I find rest as He promised.


I had a great time talking to the girls of He Cares and listening to their sharings. I am in awe how strong they are for they were able to go through difficult times. It has been a long time since I led a DG, or discussion group. This one was quite a young group but I am humbled by the trials and challenges they are facing.


After the late night meeting at He Cares, we invited AG to stay with us to spend time and he spent the night at home with Amats and I. It is also good to have long talks and chats with an old friend especially a missionary friend who gets by with almost nothing at all and yet God's provision is very rich in their lives.

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