Thursday, July 21, 2005

center of center

Working for the environment, coastal communities, and living in the Philippines. I feel truly blessed by these and I appreciate these things more now that I am doing my research paper for ENRM 290 my sort of baby thesis. I am studying coral cover and fish abundance. I just reviewed the paper by Kent Carpenter about the probable epicenter of marine biodiversity in the world is central Philippines. I am also very excited that our project site is very near the area where Carpenter's study revealed. Iam thankful for Joyce J. for being the one to send me this message a few months back, that the center of center of marine biodiveristy in the world can be found here in the Philippines.

I am truly amazed and Im in constant awe at God's creations. As I read on, review and work on data about marine biodiversity in the country, my appreciation for my field work and study and the uniqueness of the Philippines continually grows.

My imagination can only comprehend a minute understanding the one Maker of all these. Every day as I live and work and see His creation, I am renewed, refreshed and my faith in Him strengthened.

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