Friday, May 13, 2005


Early morning yesterday, we ate "taho" delicious and light. I sound like a commercial. The local "taho" is just basically soy bean curd with caramel and "sago". Regularly during the mornings you will here the man calling out "taho,tahooo". I really like this simple and healthy food. There was even an article written by an Australian journalist in Philippine Daily Inquirer "There is no taho in Sydney". While we were scooping our well appreciated taho with sago suddenly, I remembered a comment of Prof X at a seminar last few months ago we were served "taho" so that our international counterparts will have a sampling of good local food. It was warm and freshly served in a bowl, unlike our daily regular fare on our usual mugs back home. Then I encouraged Prof X, Toni and the others at the breakfast table go ahead taste it, its actually good. Then Prof X commented (I think he didn't touch his serving) those really look like fish eggs.

Well that's a thought. Can't help myself from laughing because it's true it does really look like fish eggs those "sago" but for the many years that I have been eating taho, it never crossed my mind to eat warm fresh fish eggs in the morning with my "taho".

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