Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Patience to make the choice

It is impatience that spurred many actions into haste. After watching Anakin turn into the dark side of the force, the residual feeling and reflection is that of impatience of a young man. Impatience and lust for power but even though the intention at first was for love, eventually it was consumed with dark forces that cannot co-exist with loving. He acted based on his premonitions not knowing what caused it.

Impatience to wait for things to unfold as they should. Things in this world cannot be hurried. Respect for the natural flow of things. It is an indication for lust of power and control if we work against or try to alter these balance. Even the mango that is ripened by “kalburo” does not taste good. It is un-natural, it is not yet the time.

It made me reflect that with circumstances presented before us, we continually weigh our decisions. We are always, always given a choice. This reminds me of the “Minority Report” that even at the very last moment, even though it has been predicted, envisioned by a sage, we have the power to choose the right thing. The decision doesn’t rely on the circumstance at a given time, at any given moment we have the freedom to choose.

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