Saturday, May 28, 2005

Agila sa Malagos

Haring Ibon Posted by Hello

Last week was my first time to see the Philippine Eagle and indeed, it is a commanding raptor up close. I've seen several pictures and images all in the advocacy of saving the last remaining Philippine Eagles in the forest of Mindanao, but to see them feeding and spreading their expansive wings a few feet away is a moment to behold. Silence comes naturally as if in the presence of royalty. Maybe that is why they call it Haring Ibon (king of birds).

I have been to Davao a few times in the past years but last week was my first to visit the Malagos watershed and the Philippine Eagle ex-situ conservation site. Inside, I was really really excited to see such a place, I been reading about this in my biodiversity conservation class but have not been able to see anything like this before.

I am also saddened by the fact of the limitations of ex-situ conservation. The "Agila" is very territorial and needs expansive forest to survive, sad to say due to human encroachments in the forest, much of these habitat has been converted into agricultural lands and place for human settlement. The recent release of "Kabayan" and his death on a electric wire is a clear indication of the limitations of such conservation practice. I believe it is not truly late to help and do something. That there is still hope for these majestic "Agila".

If you want to see how you can help visit Philippine Eagle Foundation website.

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