Thursday, April 21, 2005

and my answer came

In my resistance to change, I posted this question of what doesn't change. It was one of those questions that I really do not expect an answer. Well, just some background why I posted resistance to change, there are many things going on that are in my thoughts and complicated in many levels, one of these thoughts was the current news from the Vatican. We do not have TV and we only get our news from CNN website. Yesterday, early morning around 3am Amats said we have a new Pope. Benedict XVI. And in the morning after breakfast, we looked at the image of the Papa that the world is looking at. Honestly my initial reaction was relief that "Yes! Thank God that we have a new shepherd". But after that, a mild ambivalence came upon me and the thought of "I miss my Lolo". Amats knew what I meant.

Then going back to that question I had posted yesterday. What doesn't change? I got a direct answer today to that question as I read the homily that was given a few hours before he became Benedict XVI. (Thanks to Ted for posting) and I qoute a portion of the homily:

The other element of the Gospel which I wish to accentuate is
the discourse of Jesus on bearing fruit: "I have appointed you to go and
to bear fruit and your fruit remains" (John 15: 16). It appears here
the dynamism of the existence of the Christian, of the apostle: I have
appointed you to go... we must be animated by a holy inquietude: the
inquietude of carrying to all the gift of the faith, of friendship with
Christ. In truth, the love, the friendship of God has been given to us so
that it can arrive also at others. We have received the faith in order
to give it to others we are priests in order to serve others. And
we must bear a fruit which remains. All men desire to leave the trace
that remains. But what thing remains? Money no. Also buildings do not
remain; books neither. After a certain time, more or less long, all these
things disintegrate. The only thing that remains in eternity is the
human soul, man created by God for eternity. The fruit that remains is
that which we have seeded in the human spirit love, knowledge; the
acts capable of touching the heart; words that open the soul to the joy of
the Lord. Then we go and we pray to the Lord, because He helps us to
bear fruit, a fruit that remains. Only thus is the earth changed from the
valley of tears to the garden of God.

God indeed answers our questions.

Mabuhay ang Santo Papa!

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