Thursday, March 03, 2005

Jars of Clay Live in Manila

I haven't watched any major live performance of any band for the past few years. Last night, the Jars of Clay concert at the Big Dome was a blast! Astig. And the best part our free General Admission ticket was upgraded to Patron. Could you imagine, like a few weeks ago we were thinking of where to get the money to buy our tickets. Yesterday, I almost lost hope to get to the concert until Honey (we love you!) texted that there are tickets for free. Wow. God is good indeed! I felt He has once more been a very generous Father without us asking, He gives us our small wishes. Thanks also to He Cares and Kuya Joe Dean for his generosity. The Araneta was almost full to the bleachers. I haven't dance to really good clean music in such a long time. Amats and I danced. My feet was aching from jumping and my hairdo (if there was any) was in tangles by our head banging. Jas and Melo took the lead. The kids from He Cares rocked the floor. And you know what? Ella, Maye and Sheila was there also and rocked with us. Grabe! ibang klaseng worship. (see also what Ella has to say about them)

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